What About The Children?

Children of believers, and whether such should receive baptism before a profession of faith, has been debated for at least the past 400 years. The argument has more implications than whether a baby gets their head wet; it also affects to some degree your parenting. How Reformed Baptists and Presbyterians view their children is the subject of several articles that have been posted in the past couple days. Mark Jones (a Presbyterian) got the ball rolling at Reformation 21 with his piece, “Daddy, Am I Really Forgiven?”  His attempt to bring out the Baptist responses was successful, as several pieces offer responses:

@ CredoCovenant: “Yes, child, if you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ you will be saved”

@Confessing Baptist -Tom Chantry responds: “A Reformed Baptist Response”

Tom Chantry also edifies those who do no know who Beatrice from Esurance is: “Of Mark Jones, Baptism, and Poor Hymnody

(which shows that when you study a topic, you never know what you’ll end up learning)

and Jeremy Walker: “Very Presbyterian Problems”

I have been pleased at the charitable yet straightforward tone of these articles.

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