the difficult child

I homeschool a handful of children. Out of this handful, one can be described as intense. He is almost always the first one up, naturally caffeinated, and would probably be the last one up if his parents let him. His inside voice would be most other people’s outside voice, and he is incessant in his talking. “Full steam ahead” must be the motto of his brain! At the end of one particularly tiring day, I asked my husband, “How do I deal with this kid?” My wise husband simply said, “You love him.”

But I stink at love. Bright and sparkly in the morning I am not. The old commercial  “Calgon, take me away!” has become a reality for me, as the questioning feels like an interrogation at times. Calm and quiet are luxuries. Too often I stumble and succumb to sin and have to ask for forgiveness.

There is One, however, who is love. “‘The LORD, the LORD, a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness, keeping steadfast love for thousands, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin…'”(Exodus 34:6-7a, ESV) As my Heavenly Father, He is patient with me. He forgives my sin, and rewards those who seek Him. My Lord not only forgives me, but works tirelessly on my behalf, never needing ‘me time’. Christ stands as the prophet, priest, and king of the church of God, and I need this:

The number and order of offices is necessary; for in respect of our ignorance, we stand in need of His prophetical office; and in respect of our alienation from God, and imperfection of the best of our services, we need His priestly office to reconcile us and present us acceptable unto God; and in respect of our averseness and utter inability to return to God, and for our rescue and security from our spiritual adversaries, we need His kingly office to convince, subdue, draw, uphold, deliver, and preserve us to His heavenly kingdom. -LBCF 8.10

When reflecting on my relationship with my child, I realize that I am the difficult one. And it causes me all the more to run to my Saviour, reflect on Him, repent, and return to the work He has for me.


2 thoughts on “the difficult child

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  2. Ah. I can relate. 🙂 I was never a coffee drinker until my naturally caffeinated child finally came home…and now…well, we won’t talk about how much I consume to attempt keeping up with him. But, you are correct. Our strength and our source is so much better than java. Let’s keep going to Him for our strength in parenting and loving our kiddos.

    Thanks for sharing.

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